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Here are some common questions we get regarding our Skype lessons.

Frequently asked questions

How do I pay?

All payments are done through Paypal - Paypal accepts all major credit cards, and you don't actually need a paypal account to use your card through their system. You can either pay for a one off lesson ($40AUD for 30 min) or if you want regular weekly lessons, then payments are made in 4 lesson blocks (discounted to $140AUD for 4 x 30 min lessons) in advance of the first lesson. Lesson times are exact and must be adhered to, and cancellations are not permitted with lesson than 24 hours notice. If you need to cancel a lesson, a new lesson time will be agreed upon. Refunds are not given.

Where is the best position for my laptop / ipad?

Great question! It is very important that I can see you as well as you can see me. I recommend setting up your laptop/ipad roughly 1 metre away from your kit so I can see your head down to your sticks. Sitting your device higher than lower is always better as it gives me a vantage point to see what you are doing.

Do I get a discount for continuous lessons?

Yes. If you take ongoing weekly lessons you purchase a 4 pack ("monthly") for the discounted rate of $140AUD, this inclues 4 x 30 min lessons. This is a saving of $20AUD. All payments must be made in full, via Paypal, before the first lesson.

What do I need for each lesson?

Your drumkit in a well lit room (don't go excessive buying new lights, just make sure you're not in the dark!), your sticks and your laptop/ipad with a valid Skype acount (which is free at I highly recommend you sort out your ipad positioning BEFORE your first lesson so we don't spend the first 10 minutes of your lesson getting you sorted. I want you to get the maximum value from your lessons, so the earlier the ipad/laptop positioning is sorted out in advance the better.